Garantia IS General Trading Company (L.L.C) specializing in multi sourcing programs. As the representative of the buyer, we utilize the experience and experts of our staff of over individuals to locate the best manufacturer to meet client's specific requirements.

The ability to source quality manufactured goods in any country can offer significant opportunities to many companies. Manufacturing resources located are able to supply a wide range of manufactured items for any industrial markets at significant cost savings over domestic sources.

Privacy Policy

  • To provide its clientele safe, reliable, efficient and economic trade services.

  • To be an optimally profitable, viable, commercial organization and contribute to the national economy by securing a reasonable return on capital.

  • To develop internal Human Resource with a view to achieving higher productivity.

Our Services

Garantia Trading is dealing in Export/Import and sales of the following equipment and products:

  • Wide range of industrial materials including metal, rubber, resin, plastics and fabric.

  • Electric appliances, office machines, communication equipment, automobiles and their parts.

  • Paper product as A4, A3, Roll paper, paper cutting machine.

  • oil product such as bitumen and others.

About our company

Garantia Trading Company is in exporting and importing most of various industrial materials, construction materials, machines/tools and other products. We offer a full range of services designed exclusively to facilitate trade. Instead, we provide a unique range of services tailored specifically to the needs of the buyers. We provide far more than a traditional trading company. General Trading, in representing the buyer, is experienced in removing the barriers to trade that often deter domestic buyers. We accomplish this by functioning as an extension of your purchasing department. You enjoy the most competitive price from any other place without sacrificing the quality. Once we get started, you will recognize this should have happened much earlier!

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